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date Jul 10, 2023

Powens x Meelo: How Open Finance is Propelling Transactions into the Future

«Powens and Meelo are a match made in heaven. Powens provides reliable, secure financial data through a first-rate API, and Meelo analyzes solvency, decreases fraud, and provides top-notch decision models for credit approval, all in seconds!”


How can we offer retailers a financing journey that’s enhanced, innovative, immediate, and risk-free?

What if every retailer could offer their customers alternative payment methods (BNPL, LOA, LLD…) in just a few seconds and with fewer than three buttons on a smartphone?

This next-generation financing journey is already here, and collaborations between players like Powens and Meelo are granting more access to retailers and creditors that lack the technical capabilities of a fintech. This means providing financing journeys that are secure, reliable, and 100% effective.

“Powens is THE Open Finance platform in Europe. We support 260 B2B clients and serve a wide range of use cases in banking, insurance, financial services, credit publishers, and more. We enable the end user to share their financial data through the secure means of Open Banking, strictly complying with the technical and regulatory framework of the Second European Payment Services Directive (PSD2)” – Nicolas Ribeaut, CCO Powens.


How the Powens x Meelo Alliance Works

Powens is a regulated payment institution that meets all requirements according to the European standard of PSD2. The French leader in Open Finance, Powens operates in 11 European countries, handling hundreds of millions of API monthly requests to serve major European banks and leading fintech and software publishers.

As such, Powens is the ideal data provider for Meelo’s Open Banking and solvency analysis solutions. This partnership addresses the key challenges retailers face when using Open Banking.


What retailers need:

  • Immediate response for end users during a credit request or payment installment, without friction, thus providing a smooth and seamless journey.
  • Reduced risks related to fraud.
  • A secure solution and a ready-to-use decision-making model to assess their customers’ solvency reliably and immediately.
  • A robust technical infrastructure that allows them to collect authentic data from a large number of financial institutions
  • Access the best innovation without having to invest in internal technical expertise.

To this end, Powens and Meelo complement each other: Powens acts as Meelo’s third-party aggregator to collect and provide banking data, while Meelo utilizes this data for its clients.

“The added value that Meelo brings to the credit and financing field is its ability to provide a decision model based on all the data collected by Powens” – Nicolas Ribeault.


Powens brings the technical strength of an experienced company. It’s a solid relationship with numerous opportunities for collaboration.

Benjamin Kasprzak, Lead Data Scientist, Meelo.


The collaboration between Powens and Meelo holds great promises for the future. Integration is simple and quick thanks to APIs, and the technical teams of both companies regularly exchange to increase responsiveness to shared clients.

“We benefit from Powens’ rich API and their first-class technical support for integrations. This has made solution integration very fast.”Benjamin Kasprzak.


The Three Pillars of the Powens x Meelo Alliance

  • Quality: Provide immediate, fluid, and customer-centric solutions.
  • Ambition: Make the Powens x Meelo approach standard in instant financing.
  • Innovation: Create financing methods that are virtuous, transparent, and understandable for everyone.


Do the Powens x Meelo solutions resonate with you? Here’s what’s in store:

  • The full power of Open Finance through Powens and the data analysis efficiency of Meelo.
  • Simplicity in deploying tools, thanks to APIs.
  • A single point of contact and regular exchanges with Meelo.


Are you ready to discover how Open Finance can transform your business?

Contact Powens.

Sébastien Bianco
Sébastien Bianco
Creative Lead