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Real-time bank reconciliation. Automated payments.

Increase the functional coverage of your software to offer your customers real-time automated bank reconciliation. Pay out in bulk payments for supplier invoices and employee salaries & expenses. Also pay in with cash collection from customers.

Accounting & HR software powered by Open Finance

Automate bank reconciliation

Automate bookkeeping, pre-accounting, and reconciliation. Collect data at the source to save time and reduce errors. No need to rely on legacy data exchange or manual downloads.

One point solution for payments and cash collection

Continue improving the industry by automating payment flows from your interfaces.

Provide real-time cash visibility

Always know your true cash position and enable more effective cash flow management and forecasting thanks to accurate, up-to-the-minute transactions.

Customer lifetime

Increase customer stickiness with extended functional coverage. Differentiate from the competition by entering the payment area.

Generate new revenues

Sell new modules to increase Xsell opportunities and increase average deal size.

“We chose Powens for their excellent business expertise, their reactivity, the development roadmap of their API, and their functional coverage. A real relationship of trust has been established between our teams and Powens.”
Cécile Regnard
Product Manager - EBP
Prefooter background

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